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I keep scoring INFP on those tests. However, that is because I have strong Introverted iNtuition (Ni), and more so stronger than my sensory. What this results in is that I’m in reality is an ISFP with strong Introverted iNtuition (Ni) – but – I have Extroverted Sensory (Se) and not Introverted Sensory (Si) like INFPs do. The result is that ‘my’ N overshadows S – giving me INFP instead of ISFP (stupid tests, grow some IQ!).

Here is a simple comparison between Se (as in ISFP) and Si (as in INFP): http://www.psychologyfitness.com/images/Chart-Se-_-Si1.bmp

I’m all “check” on pros and cons on Se, but only a few, few “maybe” on Si.

But in relation to my ADD, what does that tell me? Well for one, doing physical activities (exercise, sport, meditation, yoga etc) and developing the External Sensory to be more on par with the Introvert iNtuition should result in me being more balanced over all, and hey, that’s not so far off from the truth. And getting to solve problems hands on makes me really focused, and according to this theory, it’s because I’m stimulating my two less used traits (I’m a daydreamer).

Meditation as so greatly helped me to avoid getting stuck in the “Introvert Feeling (Fi) + Introvert iNtuition (Ni)” loop. The prediction for the Fi+Ni loop is;

“These types are your typical conspiracy theorists; they cling deeply to their personal values and can find a conspiracy to assault or attack those values everywhere they look. Chronically distrustful of others’ intentions for no legitimate reason, these types are certain they are the only ones who really know “the truth.” The inferior function, Te or Se, can sometimes lead to an unconscious desire to attract the attention of or lead/organize others in efforts to expose the nefarious conspiracies they invariably see everywhere. If Te/Se were doing its job, these types would be able to look around them and observe empirical evidence that most of their theories are probably not reflected in reality, but as they rely almost entirely on internal validation, Ni will go to any lengths to justify Fi’s emotion-based suspicions.”

Source: http://personalitycafe.com/cognitive-functions-9/dominant-tertiary-loops-common-personality-disorders-480/

I guess that loop would pretty much validate how I got deeply depressed in the first place, and why excessive pc gaming and meditation took me out of it.

The conspiracy theorist in me can clearly tell, but I remain somewhat doubtful, that the Myer-Briggs personality tests actually could provide a better context to ADD/ADHD, and also why the difference can be so big within the group, something that doesn’t occur as much when it comes to Aspies, who most often will score INTJ in the MBTI.

“Personality types gone wrong”, yeah I like that much, much more than the disorder ADD, as already suggested by Thom Hartmann and more. :-)