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I’m 49 and am in the process of finding the 15th company in my career of 28 years. After one particularily painful firing, I started on medication and at the next company won the company innovator award. Sadly, the medication caused heart problems and I had to change medication and have not had similar results for controlling ADD.

Change has been the only constant in my career. The good thing is that the one thing I’ve had 25 years of success with is my marriage. That is due my wife’s support.

Also, finding a doctor that actually wanted to help me has been key. Each time she went on maternity leave her r

replacements “messed” me up by wanting to take me off the meds. When she came back, things would get straightened out.

Boredom at work has been a problem and one medication caused hallucinations when the boredom level was quite high. The best solution I had was working out at lunch time. The energy requirements seem to calm me for the afternoon, when boredom was the worst.

All in all, it has been a journey. I’ve made tons of friends at all those companies. The key is to remember that you are an awesome person.