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Focus ?

You know, I can totally relate to how you are expressing things! In moments of clarity it all seems so well…clear! but then everything seems to pile up at the same time.

My personal solution?… This is going to sound really wacky but bear with me ;-)

…Recently I bought a leaf blower that is battery operated for 50 bucks, I was in a hurry so it sounded good. Got home and started thinking: How good can a battery operated leaf blower be, not to mention for only 50 bucks? So googled reviews and naturally as I suspected – it’s only good for 10 minutes ( no more no less) before needing a recharge!

Soooo… yesterday I decided I needed to blow leaves off the back deck and it was time to test the blower. The first thing that came to mind was that it will only last for ten minutes. I have a HUGE deck and boy did I start working efficiently! l didn’t obsess over little details or meander off and start trying to clean other parts of the exterior of the house. It all seemed so obvious and apparent and I thought it’s a great metaphor for life in general. Naturally my ADD brain made all sorts of connections and I figured there has got to be a lesson in all this. I zoomed along at breakneck speed and lickity split ,in even less that 10 minutes, it was done.

SO yeah, the takeaway from all of this is one day, one task at a time. You can’t do it all at once although that’s how our ADD style of thinking would like it to be. Lately I’ve been telling myself one “major thing a day” and the leaf blower experience seems to have just underscored that theory.

I know I am successful at achieving things if I don’t overdo it an plan things out instead of just surfing through the day.