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I’m a pretty tough S.O.B. Just emotional at times, so I think i’ll be ok. We did hang out a bit last night for a couple of hours. I got to see the dogs and the time away from them showed in their enthusiasm to please me. They were more affectionate than they usually are. We played half a game of “dino-opoly” (we both work at a childrens musuem with a super cool world class paleo lab so we’re dino nerds). Grabbed a bite to eat and she ran me home. We split a veggie delight at subway. She knows that i’m bothered by the situation and kept prying and asking me throughout the night what was wrong. She was back to her old self acting as if the events of last week had never happened.

I had my chances to say somethings that had popped into my head while playing out each and every scenerio in my head but remained silent throughout the whole night. i’ve never been one voice my own feelings when it comes down to it. I have no problems venting to strangers but when I have to face the person head on, I cant do it. I’ve burned too many bridges and have said to many regretable things. I just couldnt do it last night. I’m going to stay the course and continue to be how I have been this week. I have to change a bit I guess. I’ll get used to it and i’m sure she will also.

I’m still house/dog sitting for the 9 days that she’ll be in Washington so i’m sure by the time she gets back i’ll be comfortable and confussed with my life and our situation again.

Keeping strong through all my little drama.

Thanks for all your support

Thank you Jenet