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Re: Organization and Time Management HELP!

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Well, I am not here to detract from what has already been said but I would submit that most of our problem (us with ADHD) is finding and using ‘time management’ tools that will work with us or those we can utilize to make us more effective and efficient at our work or whatever we need to do better with.

For me, my work involves being a financial and administration manager and the attributes of organization, prioritization and synergistically blending aspects of my work and tasks together is paramount. Since being medicated with 36 mg of Concerta and ADHD coaching seems to be working very well for me.

Using what others are doesn’t necessarily mean that if I adopt what they are using, it will aid us with our issues or allow us to operate at a high-level. Often times, at least I have found, in doing so, my ability to overcome and improve just seems so stifled, then I end up feeling as if I have taken those “three steps backwards”.

Good fortune has smiled upon me in many regards and I feel that the universe is finally working with me as I have always wished it would.

Should anyone be interested in what I have been given, in relation to the organization of my work load. I would be more than happy to share what I have learned.

Sharing what I have learned allows me to internalize those things more and more each day.