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Re: Procrastination? Removed My Lynchpin!

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I somehow avoided Grade 9 Home Ec, which was sewing, but took Grade 10 Home Ec. which was cooking.

Then for Grade 11 English, we had to put on a play. In addition to acting, we had to do the sets, costumes etc. I signed up for sets, since I knew I would be useless at costuming.

Then it turned out that not enough people signed up for costuming, and the teacher ordered me to go help with costuming. I told her I really didn’t know how, but she insisted. I even played the “my Mom couldn’t teach me how to sew because she lost her thumb in a car accident when I was 8” card, but she wouldn’t listen. I was given a suit jacket and told to adjust a seam on it, and then iron it. I did what I could, but it came out a mess. Then I got yelled at for doing a bad job on it. Pointing out to the teacher that I told her I didn’t know what the hell I was doing when she gave it to me didn’t help any.

This teacher was usually a much more reasonable person. Looking back on it I can only assume the stress of trying to get a herd of 16 year olds ready for a play was getting to her.

Being told I have the graphomotor skills of a 12 1/2 year old during my Psychoeducational assessment 2 years ago was a great vindication for all the times I was told I was not being careful enough at a fine motor task.

Buttons, I can do though.