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Re: Putting order in my life: what's working for me

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The freedom filer looks really cool. I like the rotating color coded system. I’m going to order some. I actually have a good system using different colors of folders for different sections but their labels will make it much easier to swap out.

Getting to the gym -worked for me when I had a personal trainer – I prepaid so had to go! Although that can get expensive. Other people at the gym told me they would get a work-out buddy and that kept them on the ball since they would commit to meeting someone.

Meal planning – I kind of fall on and off the wagon with this. But every so often I feel compelled to get really organized in this respect so I try to plan on a SUnday for the week ahead and it always amazes me how smoothly the week goes. Another handy thing is a website call ed AllRecipes.com. They email you recipe Newsletters and you can build your own recipe box online. They also have a mobile app called the DinnerSpinner that helps you choose a meal menu. SInce I often hop into the grocery store at the last minute I’ve used it on the spot to figure out what to make for dinner. It’s great because it gives you a grocery list for the meal plan. So does the website, so if you have a bunch of recipes in your box you can generate a grocery list. very easily without having to think about stuff.