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I have to say that the Attend is working for me too! It is smoother than Adderall! I am a big believer in Homeopathic meds because I once tried all the others and felt as if I were taking drugs that were killing me. I am looking into other Homeopathic meds to take along with the Attend. Actually, I am blown away with the results of the Attend. I am also taking a appetite suppressant that is Homeopathic that is working as well. It is known as Hoodia.

In the past I was prescribed: Vyvanse, Adderall, Adderall XR, Concerta,etc….as well as anti-depressants and meds for bi polar which did not work at all. The Adderall XR was over $300.00/60 tabs. I have no insurance and now I have no other alternative except to seek the “medicine man”….all natural baby…

Peace out..

An gal living in Ashevegas (Asheville, NC)