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Re: Quick idea for getting motivated.

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Hi Tiddler

Actually I think I was very lucky. I think I managed to sneak in the back door. I notice now on her web site she said patients should be referred. But my GP has a report now with details of my meds.

Re DVLA yes I am sure. Check out their web site. It is a notifiable condition. It is unlikely that you will lose your licence though. Don’t be in a rush to notify them. They will ask your GP or psych to write a report. It’s ludicrous that someone who has spoken to you briefly has the power to trash your legal right to drive. What DVLA are looking for it whether the driver is dangerously impulsive or if any meds affect driving. If I were you I’d keep quiet until you are helped properly. If your GP or psych tells them and you don’t it wouldn’t look good and might affect your insurance if you had an accident. I told DVLA that I have had the condition all my life but have just found out. They wrote to me to say they are reviewing my case but my psych hasn’t sent her report. I think she has ADHD!

It sounds like they are giving you the run around. Compared to the initial cost of the assessment the routine payments are less. I pay £30 per prescription to my psych and then about the same to Boots for the prescription to be cashed in. Every three months the cost is either £75 for a telephone consultation or £150 for a face to face consultation. If I get a prescription during a consultation the £30 is wavered. Now I have written this down it is a lot of money. I was probably spending that on Red Bull and it will cost me more than that if I lose my job which is a possibility if I can’t get some stuff done so I need the ritalin as a crutch. Mind you if that dries up I might request your painkiller from my GP!!