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LOL, roaming my dreamland for useable toilets is exactly what it feels like! ones without doors, dirty clogged ones, etc. You sure we haven’t met in one of those dreams?

The worst incident I can recall is having to drink a lot of water for an ultrasound test and pleading with them to hurry up because I couldn’t hold it in. When I got in the testing room, the tech said I had too much water in my bladder and had to let some out. Well, it was darned hard to just let a little out! When I gotta go, it’s like Niagara Falls. But with the Ritalin, not so urgent.

I started drinking more water this week, every 15 minutes I would take a good drink out of my water bottle rather than just squirting a sip into my mouth, and I did find myself going to the toilet every hour. And last night I had a large tea about 1 hour before going to bed, had to get up once during the night (but not umpteen times, which was the norm!). I don’t have to run to the bathroom first thing every time I’ve been away from home for an hour. So the Ritalin doesn’t totally suppress the urge, but it’s less urgent and I can sleep through the night.