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Can I get back to you next week? <vbg>

Seriously – worked as an Editor for CTV National News for 3 years, but couldn’t stand being somewhere when there was no work to be done. So I’ve been pretty much self-employed since ’71. It was tough at first, but I had quite a successful career as a Screenwriter.

Only problem was, I never knew if my ADD gift of hyper-focus would be there when I needed it, which meant I was either the fastest writer around, or undependable.

That ended with my ADD diagnosis & meds. My hyper-focus is now there whenever I need it and I’ve gone from undependable to totally dependable!

Right now, my partner & I have gambled everything we have on a new project that combines all of our various skills. It’s live online now, but our “Main Launch” is next Monday … so I’ll hold off telling you how wildly successful we are till I see the results. <vbg>

(I’d tell you the url, but that’s too much like a commercial for a place like this … where “Swans” gather to help each other, not self-promote <g>.)

Good luck & cheers till next time,