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Re: Shyness and ADHD

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It’s both with me, it’s awful, VERY. I think I’m shy because of the mistakes I make when I’m not shy.

I just deleted the huge middle part of this post… a vent about my frustration with not understanding how dyslexia, and possibly early Alzheimer’s disease may relate to ADHD… And I don’t understand dyslexia at all.. I thought I did… plus I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. The stress of never getting all the help I need in the microsecond of time they give us, and being late make it nearly impossible to sleep. The I look like hell at the appointment because I’m stressed out, late, and not rested, didn’t have time to eat… and they don’t want to give me medication… I can’t freakin win…

my tiny little glimmer of hope is dwindling. I wish there was someone to talk to… not just this screen

Fear is misery.