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Re: Small box not big box

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We keep our passports in the bedside drawers. Or in a file marked “legal documents” in the filing cabinet. They are not allowed to live anywhere else. When we need them, we make sure we look for them a day early in case they are mislaid.

We only need two remotes (TV, DVD player). Is it possible one of them is really for a game unit? That might make three. I can’t think why you’d need more. Try pressing power on each of the remotes in turn and see what really comes on. If nothing comes on, it’s likely a spare and can be stored somewhere else.

We do have a lot of old remotes for OLD VHS players, DVD players, and old TVs, but they don’t clutter up the livingroom. They’re in a basket in the basement 🙄 I guess I could box them up with the old units and get rid of them, but we keep them because you never know when the good unit will go on the fritz and we just can’t live without an evening of movies or old tv shows (we don’t have tv reception).