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Re: So we're loners so what?

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Interesting posts.I guess the connotation of loner tends to be negative but the more I think about it I guess it depends on whether one chooses to be away from others as a matter of preference or whether a person spends time alone because they are unable to connect to others and have relationships. For myself I think it’s a mix of the two. While I do have close friendships and positive family relationships I’m not one of those people with a huge social circle. Although I would say I “know ” lots of people. Just wouldn’t call them up to chit chat or go to the movies:-) I don’t need a huge crowd around me and tend to do activities on my own. On the other hand, if I’m invited to some sort of gathering I’m happy to attend. Of course, compared to the acquaintances I have who seem to have a revolving door in their home that is constantly swinging to welcome drop-in visitors for a beer or whatever, then I’m just a step away from being the crazy cat lady at the end of the lane:-)