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Re: So we're loners so what?

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allan wallace
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Fantastic stuff! I’m so glad that I was directed here :)….I too am a loner, and dread social events. I loathe the terms ‘mingling’, or ‘networking’ *shudder*….I used to just get blind drunk to avoid having to talk to people, and when I discovered alternatives to booze I preferred the dark loud techno clubs where I could just dance and be lost in the music! The banal chatter of bores induces nausea, and sadly my lack of social skills saw me in too many unpleasant situations. Fights because of irritation, or offence given to strangers. I just seemed unable to to tune into the humdrum crap, and learnt to be self-sufficient. As I went to a zillion different schools as a kid I learnt how to fight so even though I stood out and was usually a pariah I didn’t get pushed around because I could fight pretty well :). I used to get a kick out of smacking bullies around. A skinny weird blonde kid that loved books beating up the loud mouthed troglodyte was always something of a shock to the onlookers that somehow must have felt cheated. Like seing the Christian kick the crap out of a Lion at the Colosseum or something….but yes, the term ‘loner’ has become polluted as whenever there is a particularly heinous serial-killer, or random act of madness, there is always the condescending reference to the the ‘misfit’ as being a loner….little wonder that those who shun the security of the woollen herd are regarded with more than just a hint of wary suspiscion, eh? 🙄