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hey thanks for your reply! i had sweats too or rather really strong smelling sweat, embarrassing and alot more sweating than usual but its now easing off alittle..i felt dreadfull for about a week too and thought i cant keep taking this anymore, my head ached so bad and i felt realy sick but i feel i am passed that hump now,i dont feel like i have taken anythin now.. i feel little less aggitatted and am able to listen to others for short moments at a time but it hasn drastically improved concerntrtation, i feel just a little less frustrated. if i have missed a day or too as i forget sometimes then i get real hyper and start flittin form one thing to the next again so it makes me see how much it calms me even though i still do get hyper and chop and change topics and forget things..i still would really like to have better concerntration so i can finish things i start. i still am confused alot of the time but again i guess its still early days, i am on a low dose too still so thats probably why its only small change, still id rather have little change than none at all..its a process i guess..thank goodness for this site glad to hear others who struggle the same and hear how they cope, it gives me hope, so thankyou!