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Re: Stimulants – compare and contrast

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OK, take a step back. No med is going to make much of a difference if you do not also incorporate some lifestyle changes. If your target is cleaning your house and keeping it clean, there has to be a clear behavioral agenda. The meds may actually force more anxiety if there is no plan. You will feel like you are spinning your tires knowing you have to do something but where to start? A typical example is to take just one corner of one room and get it clean, even if the stuff there is piled somewhere else. The medication should give you the focal energy to do this.

Maybe you are not on the right med and it is worth looking at a different class away from the methylphenidate group to the dextroamphetamine group (or visa versa). The dose is the critical factor. What dose is going to make you achieve your target? Establish what you want to achieve and have someone monitor your side effects.

Hey, take a picture of the corner to remind yourself of the success you can achieve and then work on the next corner knowing that the first corner will be protected at all cost!

Nory, some of the side effect you were experiencing might be dose related. You might need something to keep you calm inside, like clonidine. This medication also lowers your BP. Go see your doc for some solutions.