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Straterra was too hard for me to take. Idk how long it takes to kick in but there was never enough of it built, up in my system to put a big enough dent in my add to let me remember to take it everyday. So whenever id randomly bump into the bottle under my bed or in the fridge id id try n start taking it again. This meant that every time id try n restart i didnt have the smaller starter doses to ward off tummy aches…and boy did i ache! I would be curled up in a corner in pain. This was about the only SE i felt…no the only effect period. It had no effect on my actual add cuz i guess it never got a chance. i dont remember any effect on libido but id imagine that if thats ur issue dont take it with effexor or whatever for depression. That killed my sex drive (whicb is good cuz i finally got my second chip in sex addicts anonymous) but also i only had one desire the entire time i was on it, and that was to either some how find a way to make the world cease to exsist or kill myself…i ended up checking myself into a loiny been before drugging myself n taking a nap on the rr tracks.

My problem is that diff forms of addys, concerta, straterr, and a few other concoctions of diff anti depressants that have side effects if helping add.didnt work for me. Only 50 mg addy xr works BUT i cant take it if im in even the slightest bad/sad mood or else i go crazy. (even tho i take welbutrin 150, take st johns wart capsuls, and drink st jihns wart tea like its goin outta style) i mean my dr even suggested we lower the dose by 10mg because of my mood and i flipped out on him…that was the addy talking not me. Im terified to lower the dose cuz every time i lose a job the dose gets bumped up n i havent started working seriously since i got this new dosage and i feel like lowering the dose is almost like giving up on a job.

Is there possibly a way i can phase out 10-15mg of addy while phasing in maybe alottttttt of straterra so that hopefully i wont notice the difference in add coverage? Also i kno its a little off topic but ive never tried ritalin and dont kno much about it. Does that work differently than everything else. Maybe its cliche but i feel like my add is on a whole new level of add