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Re: Stuck with not working on projects or hobbies.

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I think I have everyone beat. When we move to a smaller house half of the garage was mine double garage

were talking about. It was packed to the rafter’s. I bought material and patterns’ because I was going to sell costume and learn how to

so I must of had about 160 patterns. Mind you I don’t know how to sew. Then i got the top of the line serger sewing machine plus a regular sewing machine emborreing machine. On top of it I got this thing to hook up to your emborring machine to do your own patterns. So on top of that I was going to make crafts and crafts and crafts. Plus my knitting I had a few garbage bags full of yarn. But in the middle of this crazy ness needle point cross stitch. Fabricville was moving so that is a good time to buy right ,do you no what 300.00 dollors worth of discount material looks like some of it was only 99 cents a meter. Plus I paint which that is the only one I do. When I decied to give most of the stuff away. After going on medication for ADD it made me sick the money over the years and I’m 53 and some of it was only. the amount of money I had spent over the years. So i decieded I’ll

give it away. Not all of it I took it down to the corner flea market put free stuff. It took me five weekends to empty out my side of the garage.

It made me sick the money and Idea’s to make money I think if I just invested my money instead i would of been futher ahead. But the meds calm me down to get through it all. I think it is hyper focus’s but not in touch with reality of my own capiblities. Clamdigger