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Re: Suitability of new career

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Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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Congrats on the career change!

I know so many people who stick with jobs they no longer love, out of fear of starting over.

A shame!

As for the heart issues, when we were making the documentary ADD & Loving It, a number of experts told us the ‘heart risk’ is really minor and only applies to people who’ve got real heart problems. One said, “If you’ve had a heart transplant, that would be an issue.”

But probably worth checking with a Doctor.

Certainly the alternatives that most of us turn to, cigarettes and caffeine, are much harder on the heart.

There are some medications that are Non-Stimulant, so they don’t impact the heart.

As for Non-Pharmacological consider taking up a martial arts course. Or medication. Or Tai Chi. I haven’t heard of formal studies, but the experts told us their patients swear by them.

Keeping the mouth shut is a tough one. I was on a panel at a Sci Fi convention this weekend and I spoke more than the other two panelists combined. And they have ADD too! A practice that works for me is to practice listening and not speaking, but do it in short installments. So before you go into a meeting or a class or walk up to someone you remind yourself to not talk too much and ask questions. If I focus on actually learning about the other person, finding out what they do, what they like, where they’ve travelled, etc.. then I am automatically listening much more. People have amazing stories to tell. And they are dying to talk about them. I’m actually getting sick of my own stories and asking people about themselves, although it still takes conscious effort and awareness, is fascinating.