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I used to “hyperfocus” all the time, before Vyvanse, now I only do it occasionally. I used to feel like I had no control over it, if something sounded like a great idea then I should do it and I would for days on end until I was bored of it or something else took over. My family suffered for it and I wish I could have been on the correct medication so that I would remember more of my kids growing up. I have much more control now and only occasionaly allow (sometimes it gets the best of me) an obsession. I remember getting into geneology and that is all I did for days at a time for almost 6 months. Next it would be cooking, then a book, then a self-help program and so many years are a blur…… Now I am able to slow down and focus, I have control over my ADHD it does not control me (90%) and I have found the benefits to being ADHD and they can be very useful, at times. I find that I enjoy my life more if I do not allow my self to be swept up in the mania!