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ADD aside, the worst I ever experienced was after a serious back injury about 10 years ago. I got so tired of “you don’t look sick” I came close to murder I’m sure. What part of ‘back injury’ relates to “sick”? D@mned if I know. People are sometimes just not very smart at connecting the dots I guess.

As fo ADD, if pressed I explain it’s like incessant multitasking in your head, with assorted noises thrown in for added cacophonous atmosphere. After I see the quizzical look, I simply say I take in all the sights and sounds all around me, non-stop, and with not much control, and it can be tiring and difficult to deal with. If the look is still quizzical, (usually this is a coffee shop setting or diner) I point out I can hear very sound from the bus boy in back, the cooks shouting, all the kids crying, the overly loud cell phone talkers, and the voices of most in the place. And then I ask if they noticed the ceiling with a skylight, the yellow accent below the brown painted walls, the painting for sale on the far left wall, and the dog under the table 25′ to the left. that usually gets them to have a light-bulb moment. Mostly.

Spoons was a good read though, and I thank my lucky stars I don’t have such a debilitating disease. ADD in many ways makes my life pretty exciting. but that’s another story.

Cheers, Jim