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Re: Two weird things my brain does…

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Hello ashockley 55!

I was just reading your first post and have an answer for your #2 brain thingie!

Our ADD brains search for stimulation all the time and negative emotions are very ‘hot’ and thus we have tendancies for our minds to grab onto into these things. I’ve noticed this about myself…the 3 am ‘what ifs’..etc etc…getting the heebie jeebies before bed….what’s that sound…what if the thing under my bed grabs me by the ankles…

(I’ve also noticed that I cannot take a shower EVER unless the door is locked…I guess ghosts and ‘the man with the butcher knife’ will try the door, and if it’s locked, just walk away and say ‘Damned locked door!’

Because I know this about the ADD brain now, I concentrate on positive ‘busy’ thoughts, trying to retrain my brain not to automatically ‘go there’ and if it does, I quickly turn my thoughts elsewhere or read an interesting book, watch TV..anything to keep my mind from ‘looping’. It’s just an automatic habit that the brain defaults to but like any habit, it can be worked on.

I’ve noticed that I can block out these unwanted thoughts by figuring out new configurations of my furniture or different layouts of the house…kind of like working a puzzle I suppose???

Hope this helps!