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Oh nooooooo! hard left turn coming up… sccreeeechh.

Got brakes? That reminds me of my last car, a 91 (I think) Acura Integra, no stereo. The motor was pure music to my ears… acceleration is the best part of nearly any sport for me. Sorta. I love those anti lock brakes.

Thanks Larynxa, I was starting to fear nobody likes me or wants me here, dumb I know. But still. That’s what we do huh? I still don’t really know… I’m not asking.

Fear, we invent false evidence appearing real… Bring in out into the light, it dissapears… usually.

(We) is not just ADHDer’s, it’s funny how so many times when I make the mistake of talking about ADHD, people say “That sounds like me, I think I might have it!!”, or minimize it. I’m starting to recognize the gears turning in the ADHD like brains before they say the 1st reaction. We are Kindread spirits. I do dread the fact that I can relate so well to so many of you gangsters. But there is also a comforting kinship.

Dang, I like it here, too bad I keep thinking I want to/should leave….

I’m putting that silly thought to rest for a little longer. Sometimes/maybe procrastination is mistake prevention in disguise.

I’m grateful I’ve at least got wellbutrin (bupoprion 4 me) working/helping me some. That may be all I need. Last night I started wondering if the wellbutrin is just not working as well as it used to. I can’t get in to see a psychiatrist any time soon, so I’m just rooting through this site, and others for the largest part of the solution here.

Education. The golden key.

Faith is my top solution. It’s inside me.

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