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Re: What do you say to your colleagues at work?

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allan wallace
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Well, from where I sit that’s an impressive CV in anybody’s language! Well done! I cannot offer a single thing as an achievement 😆

I was a high-school drop-out.

In my mid 30’s I did a national entrance exam for University and surprised myself with my results. I expected to fail, but did well enough to be able to commence most degrees, but settled on ‘Philosophy and Religion’ and ‘Writing’. I lost interest very quickly, missed many lectures, and hardly bothered with tutorials. I still passed my exams, but only lasted two semesters before abandoning it altogether. Every due assignment was handed in late.

I’ve had a variety of jobs and loathed every one of them. My life has been unconventional, and a complete exercise in futility as a perpetual protest against conformity and servility. I’ve been a grand failure, by anybody’s standards….but, I’ve had a blast along the way, and despite all of my fuck-ups and blunders I’ve had a rollicking good time. Some of the time. I recognised very early on that I was different to everybody else, and I’ve been a misfit wherever I have been, but still somehow stoic, and at times I’ve found it impossible to conceal my complete disregard for the approval of others that seems to be a craving for almost everybody else. I’ve always shunned the herd before it could shun me :)…as for my IQ I have no idea what it might be, but would expect it to be middle of the road. Like most things I couldn’t give a shit about what the labels might denote, imply, or proclaim. I’m just me, and as disaster prone as I am, it’s all that I’ve known.Except for one thing, and that was the reason for my being so ‘different’: ADD….and I’m just beginning to try and understand what that means….