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Re: What Happened to the Site??

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Yep, no kidden kc5. They could easily squeeze a good chunk of change outa me that way. LOL. Maybe that’s another part of why I sometimes put a date at the end of my posts. I’m also realizing lately that Sept. is my least favorite month. Some years it feels like doom. No need to focus on the negative any more than that though. It’s part of why some of my posts have been a lil wonky lately. I’m also thinking about stopping the ritalin. Haven’t taken it for a couple days. Can’t really tell a big difference. I bet taking the prozac may have been making some of my symptoms worse. We shall see…

It just takes a lot more than a year to get my brown stuff together completely.


go to your profile, don’t click “edit profile”. Instead, just to the right of your name you’ll see a little blue field with white text that says “upload an image”, click on that. Then you’ll be able to click “choose file”, that little round rectangular box like window thing: It will let you search your own computer for the image you want to use. That might be the part that confuses people. clicking on “choose file” lets you choose the file from your own computer. I keep it simple by scaling down the size of the image I want to use and making a point to remember where it is before I open my profile. Hope my wordy directions don’t insult your intelligence. Ya never know. It’s not like we have a lot of experience reading or writing directions :-)

Oh, just in case… You have to be logged in to do this.

HA Ha!! Bingo-extomy, I get it now!… funny one Munch!, (sometimes Ima lit el sloughew) Isn’t it weird how reading my last comment made the words happen in slow motion in your mind? hehe. Did I just freak you guys out?