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Re: What's the worst thing you have ever forgotten?

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Great topic, what was it about ❗ :?: πŸ’‘ OH – I remember…

The worst ‘things’ list # 1

I can ADD, er I mean include about 1 out of 3 of every example I read on this topic… so a big ME TOO!

I especially relate to the “I can’t remember where I am” comments. This one is particularly hallucinagenicallyness 8O. This is especially prevalent in any MALL or large shopping center. We often went to this mall that was built in a large factory that went off line. The stores were arranged around in a complete circle with a diameter of about 1/2 mile. I parked on the west side of the mall, then went in and started walking around clockwise. I figured I could remember where I came in. Well — I went in a store on my left, one on my right, etc. Then I went into a book store (an ADHD’rs distractable engine). When I came out, I literrally couldn’t remember which way clockwise was, nor which direction my exit was. It took me about another hour to get out of there — laugh, laugh, long and hard at me – cause I do now! But the effect was terrorizing. I got home a couple hours later and my DW wondered what the hell happened. I tried to explain but I don’t think it was believed… now it is.

Another MALL story :: Went to a mall to purchase my little girl’s 6th birthday party gift a few hours before her birthday party (procrastiation) :? Instead of just finding what I wanted to get her, buying it and getting my @$$ home, I shopped around to compare prices (unimportant) πŸ™„ Then, with only minutes to spare to get home to the start of the party, I couldn’t find my car. I paniced and ran around the entire parking garage of this huge mall, went to a pay phone called my wife and said the car was stolen (embarrasment and shame). She walked me through some questions knowing how I got spaced out in malls, and helped me find the car. She ran the party, which started without me and I missed most of my dear childs 6th birthday party… being pissed and ashamed when I got there…. bad time.

Filled up the car with gas (this is when the tanks on a standard car was 30 gallons). Went to pick up my fiance and because there was a blizzard warning we decided to stay at her house, and not go out. I left the car running because I was going to pick her up. Had a drink, made some popcorn, watched a movie, sat around, fell asleep. I woke up later and heard the car humming. OMG — burned through over 20 gallons of gas at idle… sob.

My wife and I are in a 12 step program. I tottally forgot her 30th birthday. Didn’t say a word until months later (after starting on my OH – I have ADHD journey) :(

I forgot about eighteen dozen other very important things I forgot… :|