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Re: What's the worst thing you have ever forgotten?

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In the “I forgot” category, there are two worsts that come immediately to mind; for now, I’ll just mention one of them: my English final during my freshman year of college.

Funny thing is that my roommate was taking the same class, but since we had been given the option of writing a paper in advance, or taking the final, she had chosen the paper, while my procrastinating self (surprise, surprise) chose the exam.

So on Saturday morning, my roommate was sound asleep when I got up and headed out to breakfast. It turned out to be a lovely winter’s day: sun shining on crisp, clean snow, a brilliant blue sky. Instead of going back to the dorm after breakfast, I indulged in a lovely long walk around campus.

I arrived back at the dorm room around 10:45 a.m., to be greeted by my roommate in this manner: “Well, how was it?”

“How was – what?” I replied, confused. How did she know I’d been on this lovely long walk?

Her eyes doubled in size as she gaped at me. “The ENGLISH final – How was it?”

“That’s not till Monday,” I corrected her.

Now her eyes took over her entire face. “No, it’s TODAY! From 9 to 11! I thought that’s where you were!”

“No, no, it’s Monday – I wrote it down,” I said, flipping through my class notes and looking at the margins, because that’s where I wrote all those important memos-to-self: in the margins of my notebook. And finally I found what I was looking for, up in the corner of a page: “English final, Saturday, 9 a.m.”


After a moment of frozen panic, I numbly walked over to the lecture hall where the exam was taking place, at that very moment, for maybe another ten minutes. I peeked in. A few stragglers were scribbling away, the professor nowhere in sight. I loitered around the door until she showed up at 11 on the dot. I forget what tumbled out of my panic-stricken mouth when I raced up to her, but the very first thing she said was, “Don’t worry.” And she let me take the makeup exam, already scheduled for – you guessed it – Monday morning.

So, one of the worst, but, wow, it could have been EVEN worse.