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Re: when is it too late to do start therapy for ADD??

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I am 53. Everyone in my family got divorced. I am on a roll but had many times when inside I wanted to not be married, I just wanted to be alone and wallow in loneliness for some reason, it was a regular thing for me. I am usually positive and….well if you are reading this you know. Then I discovered that I got all of the answers correct and got a 100% on every ADD and ADHD test I took. Great, another thing to put on my resume of things I do well….I think. I love my wife sooo much and we have been together for so long (21years) that it was the only thing in my entire life that I stuck with, though it is addmittedly not easy sometimes but I can actually now say it was me not her. But I wanted to finish up to the “until death do us part” part. I believe that the intervention I have to stay with her is totally handled by God and always has been. I’m no biblethumper but I can’t handle all of the things in my life. I felt as if I was coming to the end of the internet and was reading some of the last pages and was losing interest in many things, see my journey from Seattle and follow and please comment so we can all heal. I thought it was too late but I have to put it behind me somehow. I AM ALSO INTERESTED IN HEARING FROM PEOPLE THAT HAVE GREAT HEARING BUT HAVE DIRECTIONAL HEARING DIFFICULTIES HEARING ANY PEOPLE TALK CLEARLY. I CAN HEAR THE QUIET CEILING FAN BUT MY WIFE SOUNDS LIKE SHE TALKS TOO FAST AND MUMBLES, SHE DOESN’T DO THAT IN REALITY. I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN TOLD THAT I TALK TOO LOUD BUT HAVE TROUBLE HEARING MY OWN VOICE IN MY HEAD. WENT AND GOT TOTAL HEARING DIAGNOSES AND THEY FOUND A MILD DROP IN THE FREQUENCIES THAT CARRY HUMAN VOICE, WAS TOLD THAT HEARING IS ESSENTIALLY FANTASTIC BUT TO ME IT IS NOT WORKING QUITE RIGHT. I CAN’T STOP TALKING ON THIS SITE, SOMEONE MEDICATE ME QUICKLY PLEASE.