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Misswho23 – have you thought about doing a part-time job and doing your freelancing for the other half?

If you’re good at freeelancing then why not stick with it? But a part-time job would give you some contact and a regular income and keep you up to date with any changes in your field? Just a thought….also it might relieve the stress of being in a work place full time and/or having to get regular freelance work.

I re-read my post when I saw you’d mentioned my name. It’s interesting to me because a year ago I wasn’t on medication. Now I am and my yo-yo is rarely played with at work now! Even my powerball doesn’t get bounced around as much.

I still get distracted but it’s not as debilitating when I take the meds. It’s useful in some respects to see these old posts – they’re a record of life before Ritalin.

I am still hopeless with deadlines and with time management though…..and I still get distracted by the internet…..and still have to pull allnighters. :)

Robbo – maybe all that’s really changed is the Ritain’s ability to make me feel more grown up has stopped me clowning around so much….is that good or bad?