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Hi Jayzee,

The user name, well, I had to find something I’d always remember. Initials plus degree. That works for me. So – pick up Terry Matlen’s book (whether you’re a woman or not – great tips/strategies. Check out her ADD Consults. Read online forums. Go read articles at I subscribe to the paper magazine and as a subscriber can access all articles online. Read articles online by the experts and leading names in the ADHD world: Sari Solden, Nancy Ratey (I’ve started her book too. Actually I’ve started many. Hopefully I’ll finish hers.) Ed Hallowell, John Ratey, Ari Tuckman, Terry Matlen, and the various websites that are virtual “gathering places” for folks with ADHD where strategies are exchanged. ADDitude has that too, a “forum.” I’ve gotten excellent ideas from other people with ADHD. Interesting article about time management and “gadgets” here:

Check out Edward M. Hallowell’s “Adult ADHD: 50 Tips on Management”

Other notables: Tara McGillicuddy, Patricia O. Quinn, MD and Kathleen Nadeau, PhD – the latter two’s page is

I have signed up for e-newsletters from the key players over the years and dredge oodles of strategies from those.

Go to the “Helpful Resources” list of articles on the ADDA site (, here’s the link:

I develop certain “routines” that I try to always follow so that I don’t goof up, such as NEVER putting my car keys in my coat pocket, because then I’ll leave my purse (wallet, etc.) at work (or somewhere, but not WITH me…) Keep keys in my purse. Just simple things like that. However, it is 2:44 a.m. and I’ve still not gotten 1/2 way through a report due tomorrow, so hey – I’m not using my strategies to keep from Task Avoidance very well, am I? LOL – ug…. (!!) On wards and upwards. Back to my report, off the ‘net. More later…