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Re: Yay, I have an assessment! And Hello I'm new!

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wow every single one of you has said something that has struck a chord. Thank you all for replying.

, when the subject or the class is stimulating or interesting, good luck trying to get my attention, and if you do manage to get my attention, I’m pretty peeved! Good call on setting up an appointment with the Student services.

@lvriniel, I have a difficult time taking notes and actually absorbing what the prof has said. I’m concentrating on writing and making sure my notes are neat! And as soon as your done class you think to yourself “what did I just learn?” lol.

@DrTyrell, yes that does sound familiar! I can relate. I remember odd details about people, places and things… (haha nouns I guess), and I can recall them from my long term memory. But my short term memory is bunk. So if our short term memory is crap, how do we have a long term memory?

, thank you for the heads up on the webinar. I’m very intrigued by these methods of retaining new info, as I’m very bad with that! It’s too bad schools don’t consider the different learning styles out, and try to make any accommodation.

I know that at 24 I’m still a very, young adult, but I think ahead…too much sometimes lol. Anyway, when I look at myself now, I can project all the difficulties I’m going to have as an adult if I don’t get this taken care of. How do I know this? Because I see patterns emerging that I know isn’t “normal” for a “functioning” adult. I’m terrible with money, yet both my parents and my older sister are wonderful when it comes to managing their finances. My dad taught my sister everything she knows about managing money, and he taught me the same. So why do I suck at it? It’s like when we were little kids. You know she’d have her Halloween candy still stashed in her closet by the time Easter would come around. Mean while mine was devoured in a week! Other things like relationship problems are starting to arise, obviously my academics have gone to shit, and overall, I’m just not satisfied with my performance in life up to this point, I just want that barrier to come down so I can actually start achieving something I can be proud of!