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Re: “You need to pay attention to details”

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What field do I work in? I’ve owned/run several companies over the years. And in almost every instance, I’ve been amazed at how sloppy people are. I’m talking about smart people with graduate degrees. Over all, I’d say that finding competent people who consistently pay attention to what they’re doing is the biggest challenge I’ve faced. That may not be other people’s experience. But it’s mine. Maybe it’s because I couldn’t afford to pay big six-figure salaries.

So you work for a large software firm in Redmond. Hmmm. Does it start with an “M”?

I know times are tough. And I know any job is a good one. But one has to wonder if a job such as the one you describe is a sane way for an ADDer (or anybody) to make a living. It sounds like life in a Wall Street investment bank—you’re either a shark or you’re shark bait. And who wants to be chum?