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Hello uglytoad – normally I like to see the good in people but….

Based on what you said, my advice is to walk away right now. There are many reasons why you should walk away, but the main one hinges on your statement “I don’t trust him.”

Any relationship is built on trust and also respect. He has done nothing to gain either your trust or your respect and he can’t respect you.


ADHD is not an excuse to behave like a s**t – at least not once you’ve grown out of the teenage years.


He will not change. Meds wear off and you can’t keep him on them 24/7. His behaviour might be made worse by the work the house needs, but it sounds like he behaved like that in the past.


Walk away – find someone you can trust and share your life with in mutual love, trust and respect. If you don’t meet that person then live on your own and make nice friends. You don’t need to play second fiddle to lame excuses and someone’s bad behaviour.

Sorry – this probably isn’t what you want to hear. Maybe as I get older I value our time on the planet more as it starts to run out. You don’t want to waste the best years of your life with someone you can’t trust.

I am sure someone else will give different advice. You just need to be true to yourself – you deserve love and respect, not what you currently seem to have.