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Hey @nonni. The first thing I want you do is take a nice, long, deep breath. Close your eyes for a minute and just focus on releasing all the tension from your body. Keep breathing deeply.

As @dithl said, stress and lack of sleep are most likely what is making your symptoms worse. I don’t know if ADD gets worse with age, but other things change that could make it seem worse. Our brains automatically get slower with age. And we all become more forgetful.

I was going to suggest recording the meetings so that you can play it back later to remind yourself. I don’t know if that would be considered acceptable or not. I think dithl knows more about your particular work setting than I do.

I am possibly the most disorganized person in the world so I can’t really offer a lot there. One thing that helps a little is doing things immediately as soon as they need to be done. Try to minimize distractions. And try using a timer. I have been having some success with that strategy lately. I find that just the act of setting the timer helps me to focus and the constant tick tick tick in the background reminds me to stay focused.

For working memory, try to do lists. Break down what you need to do and write it out, step by step.

For example, when I was working in a fast food setting, I would write out a list before I went in:

1. turn on equipment 2. count cash and set up tills 3. turn on computer, check email, set up cash sheet for the day 4. check stock…..ending with open doors.

Then after all of that was done I would write out a new list for the next set of jobs I had to do over the first hour or two. Then another list after that one was finished. It was all routine stuff that I did every day but if I was stressed or tired or busier than usual I would often get confused and disorganized and end up forgetting even the routine things. So focusing on it a little at a time helped.

I hope some of that is helpful for you. And if it isn’t  I am sure you will find something that is. Just try to relax and get as much sleep as you can. And believe in yourself. You can do it. 🙂