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I have been away for a while.  I was actually “pulling the trigger” on a couple of unfinished projects. The medication has definitely assisted. I, also, had to put a few strategies in place too. The biggest one was not coming here or do anything on my computer that wasn’t work related. The one was a video animation project for a client. I had run out of excuses and they gave me a firm deadline. That definitely got the ball rolling.

Another project that I decided to make was an 8′ wide, 6′ tall, 1′ deep piece of furniture that runs along the wall by the front door. It is divided in 4 sections (each 2′ wide-one for each of the family members). With a cubby at the bottom for shoes/boots, the middle cubby has hooks for coats, jackets, and a top cubby for hats, mitts, etc.  I sketched it out in my sketch book with proper measurements, I made my list of supplies and when to the hardware store and bought the supplies. I started building it and realized it was more work than I had initially thought (like always). I didn’t tell my husband because I thought he was going to shoot my idea down, and reject the notion of it. I had the frame done (I was building it in the garage). I wanted to have the complete project done by the weekend (I started it on the Tuesday), so that he could see how great the finished product was. Friday came and the frame sat in the garage. I had to show him because he would see it for sure over the weekend. And of course I got the reaction I had expected. He was pointing out the flaws. Telling me “shouldn’t I be spending my time doing more important things, blah, blah,”. I was so hurt. It sat there untouched for 2 weeks.

My motivation: to finish this project and show him how great it is. So I did it and it is great. and my husband has no problem enjoying his cubbies. My kids love it. The have their own sections and it really helps with the organization at the front door. There is no heaping pile of shoes to trip over and you don’t get buried by an avalanche when you open the closet. I still have not received a complement from him. I really wish I could post a picture of it (starting with my sketch in the concept stage).

Getting these 2 projects accomplished has propelled me to finish more and it feels so good.