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@ProshopperLinda – You have indeed come to the right place. Welcome. 🙂

I got the same feeling when I first came here. I was only part way through one thread when I started to laugh.  Any one of the comments could have been about me.

@jojosephine – Welcome back. Glad to hear the medication has been helping you. 🙂

I made the same decision yesterday- that I was going to stop going to forums and playing games so I could get going on things that need to be done. As you can see, it’s working well so far. LOL 😉

I do the the same thing with hiding my projects to avoid the criticism. And it would be nice to be complimented once in awhile wouldn’t it?

So congratulations on a job well done. I can’t believe you got something that big finished so quickly. It certainly would have taken me much longer. You should be proud of yourself. And your family is lucky to have you. 🙂