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An interesting theory. It needs to be kept in mind that the effect of drugs on neurotransmitters has not really been proven, it is only theoretical. But it is something worth studying.

If all people with ADHD or addiction have it because of dopamine deficiency….then all people with ADHD would be drug addicts, and all drug addicts would have ADHD. Since that is not the case, then there must be some other factors involved. I have never tried anything  highly addictive like cocaine, but I have never become addicted to anything I did try. And the one thing the doctors I have seen seem to agree on is that I most likely have a dopamine deficiency.

I agree that the anti-drug programs aimed at young adults are completely useless. It was nothing but a big joke when I was in high school. And my nephew, who is in grade 9 now, says he has seen kids snorting coke right in the classroom.(though I believe he may be exaggerating)

What did it for me was seeing people who had fried their brains completely. I looked at them and just decided I did not want to be like that. I am now fairly confident I would not end up like that even if I did use drugs recreationally. But I don’t get out much so I have no way of testing that theory.

I was just thinking about this while washing the dishes ( ’cause I have to think about something other than washing dishes) and I was thinking that it may be a matter of degrees, like with ADHD. Everyone who has ADHD is different and some have more severe symptoms than others. Same with drug addiction. Some addicts are able to quit easily and some struggle for years. So maybe it depends on the level of dopamine deficiency.

Also, there are the environmental factors. I grew up in a house where there was very rarely even any alcohol and no drugs, except for cigarettes.  And I hung out with the nerds in school so our parties mostly consisted of watching movies and  playing board games, or just sitting and talking. Which was actually really, really boring for me.

My point is that someone who grows up around drugs or has friends who are into drugs is more likely to develop an addiction than someone who doesn’t have that exposure.