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The increment of nicotinic receptors of acetylcholine is a good example of homeostasis and physiological changes that can hook anybody, this process can work in the brain of any person, however also people addicted to nicotine had a brain similar to ADHD brain

I do not belong to any college community, my interest is because drugs have done much damage to my family and friends. Seeking the cause, searching how drugs work I found a fact that is hide and disguise on purpose: Drugs affect and cause serious damage just to people who have a dopamine deficit.

It is hide and disguise (which is a crime) because this fact is difficult to reconcile with the position that criminalize addicts.

It is enough to think and talk about Junkies, people who did not want to hear a message repeated a thousand times about the risk of drugs and addictions so irresponsibily they cause themselves the adiction searching the pleasures that bring drugs. It is fake, it is not true, that  young  did anything different than  did other young people who afterwards became presidents of the US (Clinton, Bush, Obama) the only difference was that they had a dopamine deficit, that was the real cause that makes them get hooked.

My children like me have ADHD and for them is very important to know that  they cannot play with drugs, drugs are extremely dangerous to them and they cannot get confident because other friends can play, to them will be different, to them will be true the absurd and exaggerated advertising on drugs