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@Stash Just got off the phone. My final call. This person is someone who I’ve worked closely with since the early 90’s. I really really didn’t want them to be disappointed in me. The call went well, and they were very understanding. In my head I pictured them getting mad at me and breaking off contact. They were in no way in that mind frame. As a matter a fact they were primarily disappointed that they couldn’t reach me to go out for lunch when they happened to be visiting family in my area. Strange that my brain blew everything out of proportion…RIGHT! 

YOU WERE RIGHT ON POINT. It’s so true that there is a sense of empowerment that comes from walking through difficult things. You don’t want to do it, but when you get on the other side of it you feel different, stronger (not in an arrogant way).

Btw – don’t know you, but very proud of you for making those calls! My anxiety level rose just reading your original post!! 

Thanks…that makes me feel good.