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I was at a talk about genetics and hearing loss a few years ago, and that’s similar to how the presenter described it. Like a typo in a very long string of letters. “Ohhhh – that was supposed to be an “e”, not an “o”! My bad – have fun with the ADD”.
I haven’t ever really thought about genetic counselling – but does anyone know if it exists for this area and related disorders? Bipolar has raised its ugly head again in my family. My greatest fear / nightmare is that it will one day claim the future of one of my sons. Not an entirely rational fear, I know, as odds are still very much in their favour to lead “normal” lives. But beyond educating them to take care of their brains and to recognize early symptoms, I don’t know of what else I can do…I don’t even know if we would want to know if they were genetically susceptible. If ADD is a tragi-comedy, bipolar/schizo is a sci-fi horror/comedy. (There’s always something to laugh at, in a dark humour sort of way).