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@wanderquest – That is interesting. When I get asked the questions about OCD I always hesitate before answering. I know I don’t have OCD, I couldn’t live in such an upside down mess all the time if I did. And I don’t have regular compulsions that I absolutely must follow. But, I do have intrusive thoughts for sure. I will obsess about one thing for days on end.

I have tried many times to keep a journal but something will be on my mind and I will just fill page after page after page with that one thing, going over it and over it. I have sat up all night writing until I’m exhausted.

And every now and then I will develop an odd little compulsion. Like one time I was turning the washing machine on and when I pulled the knob out my finger caught on it and made it spin. Every time I did a load of laundry after that for several months I would have to make that knob spin.

@kc5jck – I have to check and double check everyting before I leave the house too. Especially if I am going out of town for the day and won’t be able to turn back to grab whatever I forgot.

What I really hate is when people keep interupting me while I’m trying to do my checking. I’ll be on my way to another room to grab something that I just remembered and someone will say something, I stop to answer them, turn to leave again and…. I was going downstairs. But why was I going downstiars? What was it I needed to get? Then I pretty much have to start over from the beginning.

And @ADHDMOOSIE, I have had Hey Ya by Outkast playing in my head since yesterday morning when I heard it on the radio.

I pretty much always have something playing. I used to wonder about some of the bizarre songs that would come out of nowhere and get stuck in my head for no reason. Then I realized that I was hearing them when my alarm goes off in the morning before I’m actually awake. I still get a few that make absolutely no sense from time to time though.