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Hi lucky12b – I notice you say you are worried about your marriage. That’s better than saying it’s ruined, so hopefully you can both move forwards from here.  It sounds like you have been adjusting to having ADHD if you have recently started to ‘own it’.

Can you level with her and have a discussion about it or have things deteriorated beyond that? She needs to understand what things are like for you, but she won’t want to hear excuses, especially if she has run out of patience. I would think that if you can have an emotion- free discussion that would be a good start.

As bigchi said, read as much as you can. There are several books on relationships and ADHD, both of you need to learn about the issues together. Try to show her what she means to you.

I don’t really know what to advise – I just wanted to say good luck and open the lines of communication with her.