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I like kc5jck’s idea of having your wife join TADD too. She can, like he said, ask questions and rant about whatever you have done recently to annoy her.

Of course, if you are both members, then you’ll have to watch what you say about each other. 😉

And once again, don’t beat yourself up. Can’t say that enough. It’s great that you recognize that you have done things that caused problems and hurt your marriage.  But it is really easy to drown in a sea of guilt and regret.  “Collateral Damage” is something we are all familiar with. But if you focus on the past you will never be able to move forward. You just have to let it go.

And apologize. Trust me,  those two little magic words can go a long way. My husband is very inconsiderate. He doesn’t mean to be and doesn’t realize that he is. But I would still like to hear a “sorry dear” once in awhile. 🙄