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I love these threads and posts.  I could have written nearly any of the posts above. Been there, done that.

I’m doing pretty good these days.  I can go for about three or four 12-16 hour days.  Then I’m a total slug for a day having “comfort foods” and barely moving from in front of my computer, from the TV, or having my nose in a book for hours.  Then the cycle usually starts all over again.

It is good to be retired.  I don’t have to try and make it through a 5-7 day work week.

I’m in the second day of my crazy cycle.  I spent sun-up to sun-down outside today working my gardens and ponds.  Dinner was 90% from our farm, including fresh fish from one of my ponds, potatoes from last season’s gardens,  green salad from the greenhouse, and fish dipping sauce made from my own fresh horse radish roots and last year’s tomato crop. Breakfast was from the farm too — eggs from our chickens, and what those of us in the lower-48 call Canadian bacon (peameal — aka, back bacon north of the border).

But, day after tomorrow I’ll probably spend the day as a couch potato.  It is a cycle I’m working on to overcome.  I’d love to be able to spend 8-10 hours a day doing things that need to be done.  I just never want to quit when I’m doing well, and I over do it.

At least our 12 year old grandaughter will be here over the weekend.  She doesn’t let my wife or me rest when she is here at the farm.