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My doctor had put me on “Cymbalta” to try for depression. Unfortunately I was placed on 60mg from the get-go which is supposedly a fairly high dose for someone who hasn’t been formally diagnosed with depression. That turned out very badly, after several therapy sessions and a visit to a psychiatrist… I am off anti-depressants (I quit Cymbalta cold turkey, not advisable, but it was necessary) but on Concerta.

Like you said the internet is generally very one sided – either it’s the most amazing thing in the entire universe or it’s complete garbage. I suppose in my muddled and confused mind, I am always questing for “Aha!” moments of clarity, so far the medication hasn’t given me any noticeable effects.

The first two days I felt elated while driving. I felt as I was hyper aware of my surroundings, where in fact I was just trying to memorize license plates for no apparent reason. Since then it’s been the same old. Not applying myself at work, etc. I get the slight inkling that I have an enhanced focus when I am really interested in something, but trying to recover from depression, frankly nothing is interesting, not even the leisurely pursuits.

I have my next appointment tomorrow and am hopeful for some new steps; I think therapy and adjusting my attitudes and habits may work well.

Would you believe I used to write meditation music? 😛

Thanks again,