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My daughter is 29 and has ADD. She has and continues to have financial issues, employment issues etc . She cannot support herself. I have given her financial support and emotional support. She is seeking treatment FINALLY!!

MY big question is ” How can I determine what is truly ADD  and what is not? For example ,inability for her to gain employment, not “getting” financial responsibilities. I get so FRUSTRATED !!!! Don`t know how to support her when I feel that she really isn`t trying. We talk and talk and talk  to no avail. I have tried to coach her but it has had minimal results and adds to me being too involved and had made me depressed.

So do I let her `FALL“? .

I have ADD as well but was never formally diagnosed. I knew that I was different and had tremendous difficulties. I had to cope myself . I am fine today but have had epic failures. The thing that worked best for me was when I was up against a wall. Divorcing, keeping the house and HAD to manage my finances very carefully or I knew I would lose the house. I did it!!!


Anyway, kind of rambling. I wrote a long reply las t night and got an error msg. Akkkk. Hope this goes through and I may write more.

Please help!!