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@Rick–  LOL I remember when my mother had a huge pantry stocked floor to ceiling with everything imaginable “just in case we get snowed in”.  She can’t go shopping anymore.  And I manage her medications for her, which you can imagine is not an ideal situation. Many unscheduled trips to the pharmacy.

I have the same problem with remembering to acknowledge other people. I seldom give praise or say anything nice about someone. Not sure why. I just don’t think of it most of the time. I can remember my mother trying to teach me to respond with “fine thank you, how are you?” when someone said “how are you?” She eventually drilled it into me but it was always a robotic, preprogrammed response. And I am always so relieved when I get a short answer like “I’m okay”. I dread having someone decide to actually tell me how they are. Then I have to figure out how to respond. And make it sound like I care.

I do care and will give praise when necessary. Like when the boss asked me how a new employee was doing. I would automatically leap to her defence and point out all of her best qualities. I never criticized except when it was something I felt was bad enough that it had to be addressed.  Of course those same employees are the ones who threw me under the bus.

Nevertheless, it is true that what you put out into the world does affect what you receive in return. And the best policy is to say something kind or say nothing at all.