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Vyvanse is indeed expensive… it’s the first really new ADD/ADHD stimulant to appear in a long time… Ritalin has come along in various extended forms, e.g. Concerta, Daytrana, Quillivant.. still good ol’ Ritalin. I did same thing about a year ago, switched from Vyvanse due to cost. Doc wrote 2 36 mg Ritalin extended release in place of my 70 mg Vyvanse. Ritalin was still ~$4/ea, vs. $7/ea for vyvanse, so net cost was actually higher. After starting on Ritalin ~45 yrs ago, I hadn’t taken it in ages; found it OK, not as smooth as Vyvanse nor did it last as long. Vyvanse just rocks!


Back on Vyvanse now.. looking it up for lovely young lady considering Vyvanse vs. Ritalin vs. Adderall brought me here, as well as to information about patents – Vyvanse patent doesn’t expire ’til June of 2023; it may be extended for 6 mos. if approved for preschoolers, age 4-5, where it’s already approved for 6 & up.. so no generic for ~9 more years :/

Shire came up with a winner with Vyvanse, best ADD med *Ever* in my decades of experience…