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@sdwa I’ve been cleaning my house almost non stop for several days. It doesn’t look like it’s been cleaned at all. But I know that it has. I have the aching muscles and stiff joints to prove it.

I don’t recommend putting post it notes directly on the dry erase board. I did that a couple of weeks ago and the next day when I wrote on it then erased what I wrote it left sticky streaks of colour all over the board that wouldn’t come off. They probably will come off with a bit of cleaner though. I haven’t tried yet.

I have to really focus on the marker in my hand to make sure it is dry erase. Especially when I used to keep my Sharpies in the same drawer. Now I have all the dry ease ones laying on top of the cork board above my little dry erase board. And so far I have remembered to put them back there every time, and to not put any others up there.